For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. In 2017, we closed the project with a podcast. The project is done; Enjoy our archives!

Story Shuffle Version 2.0: Authority

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The second Story Shuffle was held on Friday, July 30 in Fishtown.

The theme was AUTHORITY.

Listen to pieces here, or choose them from the list below:

  1. Dana Vachon on art school professors and 16 hours of driving (no audio)
  2. Andrew Thompson on when not to confront authority
  3. Jess Victor talks about teaching and being top dog at Hot Topic
  4. Brian James Kirk recalls a brush in with a teenager and a Tennessee ranger
  5. Christopher Wink remembers fighting for 4th grade recess justice
  6. Sean Blanda tells how his luck with police changed
  7. Shannon McDonald on Catholic school authority

You can see all the participant photos here. Listen to the pieces from the first Story Shuffle here.

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Lessons learned:

  • Story Shuffle is different than other storytelling events because there’s no judging or competition. We’re just telling stories, people.
  • We’re still feeling out the idea of a time limit, minimum or maximum.
  • The audio was stronger this time, with the recorder nearer and being more cognizant of that need.
  • No need to push yet on everyone inviting someone new each event.
  • We’ll try to move locations to spread the event that way.

One Comment on “Story Shuffle Version 2.0: Authority”

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