For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. In 2017, we closed the project with a podcast. The project is done; Enjoy our archives!

Story Shuffle 5.0 I Love audio is now love

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Photo by Rachel Playe.

The fifth Story Shuffle was held Feb. 19 in West Philly…inside a blanket fort, with the theme of ‘I Love.’

Find all the audio here or choose from below.

  1. Story Shuffle 5.0: I Love was held in a blanket fort
  2. Water Ice is a lot like love: it’s more about the technique than the ingredients
  3. Rachel Playe reads Wendell Berry’s ‘Mad Farmer Liberation Front’ [POEM]
  4. Flat Mary Road gives acoustic set of LOVE [MUSIC]
  5. Shannon McDonald breaking hearts on IM
  6. Chris Reber loves Apollo 13
  7. James Kennedy loved to be difficult as a kid
  8. Ashley Ordner’s love for faded celebrities fades
  9. Erika Goldberg on summer love and loss

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