For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. In 2017, we closed the project with a podcast. The project is done; Enjoy our archives!

Story Shuffle 7 ROAD TRIP stories are now live

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In a fine rowhome in the Newbold section of South Philadelphia, we held Story Shuffle 7, with a theme of ROAD TRIPS.

Choose from the stories below or find  them all here. Check out the Facebook photos here.

  1. Story Shuffle 7: ROAD TRIPS in South Philadelphia — the kickoff
  2. Emma Fred-Cassorla goes a bit too south
  3. Shannon McDonald on shore road trips not fully formed
  4. Josh Rothstein takes a bicycle trip from Tokyo to Kyoto
  5. Andrew Thompson on anti-Semitic Kiwis
  6. Mat T remembers Gavin’s boner
  7. Chris Reber chases a Boy Scout from his troop with a canoe
  8. Christopher Wink hitchhiking in South Dakota: trusting strangers brings reward and risk
  9. James Kennedy has a bicycle fight with the Amish
  10. Holly Otterbein audio not posted
  11. Rachel Playe wants you to meet Teddy, a road trip camp mate
  12. Brian James Kirk goes down to Tennessee at the Why’re

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