For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. Now the best of these stories are being rereleased as a weekly podcast. From 4-5pm Sunday, July 23, 2017, we'll record live to close the podcast. Join us.

Episode 18: Crushes

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Episode 18

Crushes start young, but they keep coming back. Perhaps your felt your first romantic crush in elementary school, and no doubt you continued to crush on people as you grew into adulthood. In Episode 18 of Story Shuffle, we share some crush experiences. First, Kathryn Bezella will tell us about the time she dated the star of her favorite teen movie. Then, Patrick McNeil will tell us about his first like — ever.

Episode 17: Lost Family

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Episode 17

As important as they are in our lives, family members are not always easy to find. In Episode 17 of Story Shuffle, we’re taking a look at what it feels like to lose family members — be that temporarily, or even permanently. First, Shannon Wink will tell a story about finding the mints her grandmother used to love. Next, Isaiah Thompson will share a story about a cross-country search for his cousin.

Episode 16: Camp Stories

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Episode 16

You either went to summer camp as a kid or you didn’t — and that difference is profound. For those of us who went to summer camp, those stories stay with us for a lifetime. Sometimes, they can be hard to share with people who didn’t. In Episode 16, we’re going to try. Eric Smith is going to tell a story about how he dealt with some strange wildlife at summer camp. Then, Andrew Panebianco will tell us about a camp experience he had that closely resembled “Lord of the Flies.”

Episode 15: Students

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Episode 15

Many of our most formative and important experiences happen when we’re learning. Episode 15 of Story Shuffle takes a look at the experiences of students. First, Jackie Rodriguez shares a story about her visit to Haiti while she was a medical school student. And then Shawn Annable will tell us about the time he got expelled from high school.