For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. Now the best of these stories are being rereleased as a weekly podcast. From 4-5pm Sunday, July 23, 2017, we'll record live to close the podcast. Join us.

Episode 22: Family Lessons

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Episode 25 is about family. Many of our first and most important lessons come from family members — and it seems those are the lessons we rarely forget. This week on Story Shuffle, you’ll hear two lessons our storytellers learned from their family members. First, Eric Smith will tell us about a childhood lesson that helped him realize the value of his family. Then Shannon Wink shares a story about what she’s learned from her niece.

Episode 21: Intimacy

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Episode 21

Intimacy is an important step in connecting with new people — but it’s impossible to fake. We’re going to hear all about intimacy, and the times people tried to force it, in Episode 21 of Story Shuffle. First, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela will explain how she thinks mix tapes express intimacy. Then, Isaiah Thompson will tell a story about searching for intimacy in Cuba.

Episode 20: Washed Up

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Episode 20

Sometimes, you just outgrow your surroundings. When we try to come back to a familiar place that we’ve already outgrown, we feel washed up. In Episode 20, two storytellers share the times they experienced just that. First, Kathryn Bezella will tell us what it felt like to star in a children’s musical. Then, Christopher Illuminati will share a story about the time he visited his alma mater with his infant son.

Episode 19: New Wisdom

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Episode 19

There are moments in life that seem more important than the rest. Often, they’re moments when we gain a new understanding of the world around us. Episode 19 of Story Shuffle is all about new wisdom. In this episode, you’ll hear Mjumbe Poe share some insight he gained about race. Then, Christopher Wink will tell us about the time he first understood civic pride.