For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. Now the best of these stories are being rereleased as a weekly podcast. From 4-5pm Sunday, July 23, 2017, we'll record live to close the podcast. Join us.

Episode 25: Love is Like

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Sometimes, love feels a lot like some of our favorite things. In this episode of Story Shuffle, two storytellers will share the parallels they’ve drawn between love and other objects. First, Christopher Wink will compare love with Philly’s favorite summertime dessert: water ice. Then Adam Teterus will explain why the song he shared with his first love might not have been quite appropriate.

Hear the final live recording of the Story Shuffle podcast: July 23, 4-5pm

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The Story Shuffle final recording will take place July 23, 2017

For those of you in Philadelphia on Sunday, July 23 (4-5pm), you can join us to hear the final recording of the weekly Story Shuffle podcast. We’ll be part of the fifth annual Philly Podcast Festival.

We’ll be at Kitchen Table Gallery in Kensington, 1853 North Howard Street. RSVP on Facebook here.

You’ll hear stories from journalists Annette John-Hall, fresh off hosting the Cosby Unraveled podcast, and Juliana Reyes, in addition to tales from podcast host Christopher Wink and production assistant Michaela Winberg. Our theme will be CLOSURE.

Episode 24: Strange Paradise

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If you look hard enough, you can find joy in some strange places. This week on Story Shuffle, hear about some less common places that felt like paradise for our storytellers. First, Kim Quick will tell us about when she spent some time in a place that sorta felt like a cult. Then Patrick McNeil will share an experience he had while couch-surfing.

Episode 23: Grades

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Even in the middle of the summer, you can’t escape grades! This week on Story Shuffle, hear about a couple times our storytellers either received or gave grades. First, Malik — a friend of a storyteller who visited from Senegal — will tell us about the time he pranked a teacher. Then Jared Levy will share a fiction story about dishing out grades for a living.