For six years, Story Shuffle was a regularly organized, live recording of themed stories. In 2017, we closed the project with a podcast. The project is done; Enjoy our archives!


Everyone has a story, and you just might tell yours tonight.

Story Shuffle is something like a randomly-ordered, live, first-draft version of other storytelling events held in people’s homes, potluck-style. We don’t have any judges, so this is where you take your first pass at telling a story you want to perfect.

Everyone has to come prepared with a five minute to 15 minute story — likely personal nonfiction but not necessarily — that relates, however vaguely, to that night’s theme. Everyone is assigned a card in a deck, the deck is shuffled and a card is picked at random. Whoever’s card is picked, tells his or her story, without notes.

The difference between Story Shuffle and other story events is that ours is not competitive, without judging, places or winners.

No pressure. Just entertain the collective. Be creative. Tell your story masterfully. We’re all friends, and we want to celebrate the beauty of good story telling. Everyone has great stories to tell.

The idea for Story Shuffle is a concept made of a dozen existing ideas mashed and tweaked into one. If you’re going to blame anyone, you can blame Christopher Wink, who conceived, organized and hosted the first Story Shuffle on Saturday, May 29, 2010 in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. The first night’s theme was ‘Beginnings.’